Saturday, April 14, 2012

Starting up again..

Well haven't been on here forever, so.. I am going to try it again.
Just to catch up on things. Thus far Tj Bree, and Mick have moved to Alaska.. Which breaks my heart to have them gone, but I know its what they need to do. So Alaska is next on my places to go for obvious reasons of course. Trev is living with Kindra and Koop in Payson, and Tyler is still in Springville and is happy as ever. I rented out my house cause I was the only one there and really not there if you know what I mean. Can't sell it in this economy so just going to rent it.. I have moved in with my parent in their basement and I am living in Utah for 2 weeks then in Idaho for 2 weeks. Moved some of my stuff to Idaho and Tom and I are back together. It sucks being away from him when I am in Utah but I do get to retire in a little over 2 yrs. So hopefully it goes by fast. I will try to keep things updated so wish me luck.

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